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Learning Center
Learning Center

Autism Conference 2020
Autism Conference 2020

Monarch Therapy School is accredited and supervised by the Mexican Ministry of Education, and provides unique therapeutic educational services based on the Monarch Model™, for children and teenagers with neurological differences

The Monarch Learning Center is dedicated to teaching, and organizes workshops, conferences and training courses by experts for anyone interested in learning more about working with children with special needs.

7th Annual Autism Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders

April 3rd 2020


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Welcome to Monarch Therapy Shool Mexico

On behalf of all of us at Monarch Therapy School, welcome to our website. Our overarching purpose is to recognize that building interpersonal relationships is the most effective way to nurture effective learning. We believe that teamwork is essential to support our community. And that was precisely where this adventure started: professional teamwork and personal friendship with The Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences in Houston TX. We have been trained by The Monarch School and constantly consult throughout the Monarch therapeutic school network. That is why we have this opportunity to bring innovative psychological and educational services to Mexico, in our school, therapy center, and workshop and conference venue.

In Monarch Therapy School, we are committed to seeing every child as unique. We take into account each learner´s individual developmental needs, build on his or her own strengths, and actively leverage his or her weaknesses. Our multidisciplinary approach breaks away from traditional hand-off counseling and provides holistic support for all the families we welcome.

If you are already in touch with us, thank you so much for being here by our side on this exciting journey. We value your support. If this is your first time here, we hope that reading through our website and seeing the world through our eyes will show you that you are right to believe that love, commitment and dedication can genuinely transform the lives of many.

Warm regards,

Founder and Head of School