Monarch History

JenniKate Estavillo realized from an early stage that she would work with children, and her keen interest in understanding how children learn, promptly led her to pursue studies in this field. But it was only when she started living with people with disabilities in her own family that she decided to set her sights on improving support systems for children with disabilities.

historiaShortly after qualifying as a psychologist , she started researching models in various psycho-educational centers in Mexico and abroad. That was when she first heard about The Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences, in Houston TX. That institute had been founded more than 15 years earlier, and provided opportunities to replicate its successful model—a therapeutic school for children with neurological differences—as it had done in Guatemala in 2007. The idea of joining forces with them and bringing this successful method to Mexico first emerged—and JenniKate’s dream started coming true—the very first time she visited this institute.

With the resources and a professional team to back the project, in 2011, a multidisciplinary Mexican team of professionals moved to Houston to train for a year at the Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences, to understand the Monarch™ method and model in more depth. Another team in Mexico worked hard to organize the Monarch Therapy School’s premises, and helped out with the talks and student admissions.

Thanks to the amazing support from the core team, families, and donations from the community, Monarch Therapy School opened in August 2012 to serve the many families looking for an innovative therapeutic learning environment.

Monarch Therapy School is backed by a leading world-class institute, constantly liaises with the Monarch psycho-educational center network, and fully embraces Monarch’s single goal: to transform the lives of many by empowering children with neurological differences.

  • "We are confident that Monarch is making the most of the time our daughter is there, and we have no doubt that we made the right decision"

  • "She used to get very frustrated and often threw tantrums,
    but Monarch has helped her control her emotions"

  • "She is much keener to communicate, says several words and is trying to say more"

  • "Monarch's education system is a long-term option.
    It sets achievable and measurable objectives"

  • "After 7 months at Monarch Therapy School,
    we have seen Sebastian become more connected to the outside world,
    more in control of his behavior and more than anything else, happier than ever.
    The team at Monarch has done amazing work! Thank You!"

  • "She is more connected to her environment,
    more curious about things around her, and more alert"

  • "My daughter smiles when she gets to Monarch.
    That's a really good sign. She loves going to school"

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