Frequently Asked Questions

1. What similarities does Monarch Therapy School have with a regular school setting?

Monarch Therapy School, like other school settings, actively works toward achieving standardized academic objectives, promoting work skills and structuring opportunities to socialize. Like other students, ours will achieve their preschool and grade level certificate of education. However, as we are a therapeutic school setting, the classrooms, work groups and programs have been carefully designed by a multidisciplinary team to tend to all of our student's needs.

2. Does Monarch Therapy School believe in mainstream educational settings?

Yes we do. As part of our mission we work towards achieving a harmonious integration into mainstream settings for all of our students. However, we believe that everyone requires basic skills in tolerance and understanding to be able to navigate successfully through a regular school environment. Our students actively work towards assimilating these skills and once they have achieved them, we look towards mainstreaming as an option.

3. If my child interacts with less functional children will he/she not imitate their behavior and regress in their development?

The expectation that a child with a neurological difference may imitate in a positive or negative way, without prompting, is highly unlikely. This is because one of the characteristics of a neurological difference is their difficulty to imitate. In our experience, interactions amongst peers with neurological differences, far from hindering achievements, promotes tolerance, understanding and acceptance of behaviors. At Monarch Therapy School we teach our students to understand that we are all working on our goals, some days are easier for us than others, but every individual has work to do. Our students feel comprehended, accepted and loved without the pressure of having to comply with standards that are out of their reach.

4. What opportunities does my child have to socialize at Monarch Therapy School?

The Monarch Model™ is a relationship-based program that looks to strengthen significant relationships. For us, it is important that our students understand the delicate balance and commitment involved in a friendship. Our students are given many opportunities to practice their social skills and strengthen their interpersonal abilities. With group activities and dyads they are able to understand that they are part of a community.

5. How do I know if Monarch Therapy School is the right school for my child?

The best way to answer that question is to come and meet us. Join an informative tour and learn more about our model. We know that there are alternate options of schools and each one is catered for a specific student. The candidates that come to Monarch Therapy School usually have a history of:

  • Poor motivation to complete tasks. Frustration, disillusion and a lack of interest in academic activities.
  • Have been misunderstood, mistreated and used for testingnew therapies with false promises.
  • Have a sensation of being overwhelmed when asked to complete daily tasks inside or out of school.
  • Have never been carefully evaluated.
  • Are dependent on professionals without a clear direction towards independence.
  • Have been treated in a condescending or dismissive way without taking into account their strengths and achievements.
  • Denial of and/or aversion to their weakness instead of handling these in a comprehensive way.
  • Lack of self-awareness and self-regulation.
  • Very few friendships or significant relationships.

6. How long will my child need to be at Monarch Therapy School?

The time spent in our program is different for each child and it depends on their success and strengthening of skills. The services we provide are highly individualized which means that only once we have begun the work and have spent sufficient time getting to know a student, will we be able to determine the length of time the child's program should last. Constant and regular reports update the family as to their child's progress.

7. Is it necessary for my child to receive external therapy?

That will depend on your child's needs. At Monarch Therapy School all of our students receive a comprehensive therapeutic program, which includes one-on-one sessions with therapists. However, there are some cases where extra support is beneficial to the child.

8. What is Monarch Therapy School’s relationship with the other Monarch Schools in the world?

Monarch Therapy School is proud to be part of the prestigious Monarch School network around the world. We maintain a close relationship with the other schools both at a personal as well as a professional level. Our training, model updates and supervisions depend on The Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences', in Houston Texas, USA, guidance.

  • "She used to get very frustrated and often threw tantrums,
    but Monarch has helped her control her emotions"

  • "She is more connected to her environment,
    more curious about things around her, and more alert"

  • "After 7 months at Monarch Therapy School,
    we have seen Sebastian become more connected to the outside world,
    more in control of his behavior and more than anything else, happier than ever.
    The team at Monarch has done amazing work! Thank You!"

  • "She is much keener to communicate, says several words and is trying to say more"

  • "Monarch's education system is a long-term option.
    It sets achievable and measurable objectives"

  • "My daughter smiles when she gets to Monarch.
    That's a really good sign. She loves going to school"

  • "We are confident that Monarch is making the most of the time our daughter is there, and we have no doubt that we made the right decision"

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