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Updated [06/03/2014]

  • "She is more connected to her environment,
    more curious about things around her, and more alert"

  • "We are confident that Monarch is making the most of the time our daughter is there, and we have no doubt that we made the right decision"

  • "After 7 months at Monarch Therapy School,
    we have seen Sebastian become more connected to the outside world,
    more in control of his behavior and more than anything else, happier than ever.
    The team at Monarch has done amazing work! Thank You!"

  • "My daughter smiles when she gets to Monarch.
    That's a really good sign. She loves going to school"

  • "Monarch's education system is a long-term option.
    It sets achievable and measurable objectives"

  • "She used to get very frustrated and often threw tantrums,
    but Monarch has helped her control her emotions"

  • "She is much keener to communicate, says several words and is trying to say more"

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