Brain damage and Epilepsy

Brain Damage

Acquired brain damaged is the generalized term used to define a trauma or injury to the brain. This can also be classified into primary or secondary lesions.

A blow to the head, a hematoma or damage to the nerves, characterizes a primary lesion. A secondary lesion occurs due to inflammation, a seizure or because of changes in nutrition or damage to an organ, which affects the functioning of the brain.

The degree of damage will be defined depending on where the lesion occurs, and what area it covers. Brain damage is different to a developmental disorder because it does not originate genetically, but occurs once the brain has been formed.

Although brain damage and other disorders vary in their root cause, many still share the same therapeutic interventions.


Epilepsy is a disorder characterized by abnormal neuronal activity inside the brain. This activity results in a series of observable difficulties including seizures and or involuntary muscle movements, changes in posture, and as absence seizures. Although Epilepsy can be treated by medication often times the seizures result in learning difficulties for the person, or in developmental delays.

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